I'm smiling, are You?
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It is good & healthy to smile!

It helps you in sickness, troubles or misery. It’s a bridge that connects us by laughter and kindness, leading to understanding, even friendship, and trust. It is easy and important. In a nutshell: Smiling is healthy.

Why it is good to smile?

Smiling and laughing have a positive impact on our body.

Marek Wysoczynski’s extensive experience, as well as scientific literature, show that smile and laughter have a positive influence on our body and improve the functioning of organs


Respiratory system

Laughing ensures better body ventilation. When we laugh, we breathe in three times more air than usually.


Physical fitness

When we smile, a dozen of muscles work, but when we laugh, about 200 muscles work



Laughing before a meal releases enzymes what is good for food absorption.


Spleen function

Laughing supports a good blood supply.


Circulatory system

When we laugh, the heartbeats faster, what not only influences its work but also the work of the whole organism.


Immune system

Laughing and smiling strengthens the immune system by increasing the number and activity of cells and antibodies. This helps the organism to protect itself from viruses and bacteria and prevents the multiplying of cancer cells.


Nervous system

Laughing reduces the level of stress and stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. This leads to a better regeneration of our organism, improves the overall wellbeing, sexual performance and the quality of sleep.


General wellbeing

Whenever we laugh, our organism releases endorphins – often called ‘happy hormones’. They are responsible for soothing pain and making us feel good, sometimes even euphoric. A high level of endorphins has no side effects. This is laughing and smiling helps fight anxiety, depression and sadness. It helps us stay optimistic and keep a positive attitude

New strength
"After the smiling workshop in children’s hospice in Macedonia, one girl told me that the fact that she could give her smile to other children gave her new strength. The terminally ill girl was happy to paint a smile for others in need."

Smile as a doping?
   "At Smile Coaching for young sportspeople from whole Europe, the topic was health, strength and discipline. It turned out that regardless the type of sport, a smile can do wonders in the least expected moments. A rugby player compared a smile to doping. It gives you strength and positive energy in a healthy way."