SmileCoaching is game changing, because a smile
can change everything.

Smile coaching workshops - for everyone!

Everyone of us, the ill, the disabled, those in a difficult life situation, those who have reasons to be sad and those who are too shy to smile – everyone can put a smile on their faces and in their souls, a smile which they can share with the world.

Learn how to smile.

When we think about smiling, the first thing that comes to our mind is: a smile is something good. It helps you in sickness, troubles or misery. We all know that smile is contagious: you answer for a smile with a smile. It’s a bridge that connects us by laughter and kindness, leading to understanding, even friendship, and trust. It is easy and but important. In a nutshell: Smiling is healthy.

So far, Smile Coaching has been conducted on four continents. In children’s hospitals, hospices, schools, military academies and universities.

Smile Coaching is run in places where hope and positive thinking is crucial. Its aim is to fill these places with positive emotions.

"After the smiling workshop in children’s hospice in Macedonia, one girl told me that the fact that she could give her smile to other children gave her new strength. The terminally ill girl was happy to paint a smile for others in need.

A smile is the most universal means of communication. Workshops in children’s oncological hospitals in Romania, Turkey, Iran or Egypt taught me how to talk without words. We were singing, playing, crying, but most of all, we were enjoying every second of it."

- Marek Wysoczyński
Keep smiling

Smiling and laughing
have a positive
impact on our body


Respiratory system

Laughing ensures better body ventilation. When we laugh, we breathe in three times more air than usually.


Physical fitness

When we smile, a dozen of muscles work, but when we laugh, about 200 muscles work.



Laughing before a meal releases enzymes what is good for food absorption


Spleen function

Laughing supports a good blood supply.


Circulatory system

When we laugh, the heartbeats faster, what not only influences its work but also the work of the whole organism.


Immune system

Laughing and smiling strengthens the immune system by increasing the number and activity of cells and antibodies. This helps the organism to protect itself from viruses and bacteria and prevents the multiplying of cancer cells


Nervous system

Laughing reduces the level of stress and stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. This leads to a better regeneration of our organism, improves the overall wellbeing, sexual performance and the quality of sleep


General wellbeing

Whenever we laugh, our organism releases endorphins – often called ‘happy hormones’. They are responsible for soothing pain and making us feel good, sometimes even euphoric. A high level of endorphins has no side effects. This is laughing and smiling helps fight anxiety, depression and sadness. It helps us stay optimistic and keep a positive attitude

Smile coaching

Smile Coaching spreads the message that a smile can have the power to help not only us but also other people. And that is what gives us a lot of strength. At workshops, we talk about a smile and also about tears. It is a consideration about the wisdom of a smile, but also fun, loud laughter and smiling at each other with the kind of smile, which stays with us, especially for hard times.

Workshops also help us find and improve what is good in us, what we can share with other people. It’s also an opportunity to stop the time for a while, because when we smile, we forget about the whole world.

What You will get

Smile Coaching is an opportunity to strengthen our smile, to use it well and keep improving it. We can even learn how to use the so-called fake smile. Smile Coaching will teach you how to immediately transform a fake smile into an honest one and how to keep that honest smile for good.

This is what the participants get from Smile Coaching: The feeling that a smile of every one of us is authentic, good and smart. Smile Coaching creates new friends and fun. A positive, intelligent smile is what you can find at Smile Workshop.

In the world of bad people, a smile is sometimes is regarded as something ridiculous. But Smile Coaching offers a smile to pessimists as well and to people who find it hard to smile. Because smiling is for everyone.

Everyone of us, the ill, the disabled, those in a difficult life situation, those who have reasons to be sad and those who are too shy to smile – everyone can put a smile on their faces and in their souls, a smile which they can share with the world.

Booking Smile Coaching Workshops

If you decide to book a Smile Workshop or Coaching Session for your company or organization, Mr. Wysoczyński offers you to set up an exhibition of photographs and smiles from the WorldSmileArchive ( in a venue of your choice. The shows display hand-drawn or painted smiles by children from all over the world and celebrities such as the Queen of Jordan, Liza Minnelli, Paolo Coelho, Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton and the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I.

Smile Couching

When Marek Wysoczyński works with a professional company, public or private organization, festival, sports team, holiday camp etc., all fees being paid to him are actively supporting his free workshops for charitable organization like children’s hospitals, hospices, orphanages, associations of the disabled, and the like.

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Smiles make the world a better place and connect people.